The Brand „RapidAction“

This relatively young own brand merges highly efficient and innovative insect repellency with most advanced formulations.

rapidaction-mosquito-blueThe products are easy to use and show partly a lower toxicity than eg Pyrethrum or Coffein. The highly efficient, exclusive formulations offer secure and easy usage and a remarkable price-performance ratio. The steadily growing assortment features lures for our various traps, easy applicable sprays and emulsions and selective useable protection products. The bigger part of these in Europe developed and manufactured products can be used indoor and outdoor and offer insect-free and relaxing outdoor activities.

Effectiveness and ingredients

RapidAction uses most modern, highly efficient and exclusive formulations of various ingredients and biocides exactly matched for the individual operation purpose.


The products are largely designed for usage indoor and outdoor and offer effective insect protection at lower toxicidy than e.g. coffeine, nicotine or pyrethrum. Thanks to using the newest and innovative formulations RapidAction offers a unbeatable price-performance ratio with precision effect as well as easy and safe application.

Frequently asked questions

Here you find a summary of the major questions and answers about the products from RapidAction:

Can I use the sticks indoor?

The sticks can just be used outdoor. CANDLE, ETOX 20/20, QUATTRO and VESPA ONE can be used indoor AND outdoor.

How does allergic person react against these products?

There is no single negative reaction so far. The products uses modern and innovative formulations which are fully compliant with given regulations.

Can I protect my kids with these products?

The active ingredients in these products are harmless against humans, pets and farm animals. With Maxi Sticks and the candle you need to consider that there is a open flame or glow – so usage only under authorised supervision is recommended. In any case: follow the instructions on the product for safe application.

What happens under windy conditions?

Make sure, that the vapourised ingredient flows with the wind into your direction and covers your zone you want to protect. You can use more devices placed on the edge of the protection zone to build up a proper protection dome. Ideal condition is a mechanical barrier (eg sunsails, umbrellas, awnings, walls,… ) which stabilises the protection dome and makes sure that the vapourised ingredient is not blown away.

What means residual effect?

Residual effect is the vapourisation of active ingredients out of the products placed onto surfaces. The repellent needs to get in direct touch with the insect to have effect. For example: Mosquitoes land primary on vertical surfaces – if you place products like ETOX 20/20 or QUATTRO onto vertical surfaces the mosquito gets in direct touch with it (up to three weeks after application !!!) which kills the insect.

What means barrier effect?

The foam produced by QUATTRO and VESPA ONE has a barrier effect which eg covers the wings and immobilises Vasps. The insect can not get over or through this barrier without being killed.

What means „invisible fly-screen“

If you put QUATTRO onto windowframes, doorframes and every surface in the transfer zone in between indoor and outdoor the vapourised product works like a mechanical fly-screen as insects will not cross the areas where the product is applied. So you apply the product outdoor and enjoy indoor.

Why is the AntiMosquito Candle so special?

The AntiMosquito Candle is the only candle with real wax (no cheap Paraffin!) in which the insecticide is applied with a unique and exclusive production process. By igniting the candle the wax melts and vapourises Transfluthrin, one of the latest generation of innovative repellents. This ingredient builds up a protection zone of ~15m² and can be used indoor and outdoor and offers protection against mosquito bites by paralysing the sting.

Easy like a candle – efficient like a insecticide!

Why are AntiMosquito-Sticks so special compared to other products?

Our AntiMosquito-Sticks vapourises Esbiothrin which has a far better effect especially against insects attacking in swarms. The other available sticks uses Pyrethrum which is thinned rapidly in the air and has no capability to form a protection dome as pyrethrum is lighter than normal air and disappears very quick. In additoion to this the formulations of Pyrethrum used in these sticks are not UV-light stable.

Which advantages offers VESPA ONE?

One of the advatages is a high throwing distance of ~4 meter which allows the product application from secure distance. The formulation has a much faster knock-down and killing effect compared with all other available products on the market. VESPA ONE kills within 80seconds which is ~60seconds quicker than all other products. Another advantage is the production of foam which immobilises the vasps and makes it impossible to attack. The packed canule valve allows to place the product into small holes, cracks, gaps,…

The residual effect of the product secures that the cavities are not re-populated for ~one season.

What makes the ETOX 20/20 that special?

The formulation used in ETOX 20/20 has a lower toxicidy than eg. Pyrethrum or coffein and  can be used as highly effective and scalable insect repellent as well indoor as outdoor. By dilution with water ist very easy to apply the product purposeful against different flying and crawling insects mosquitoes, horse flies, fruit flies, vasps, silver fish, cockroaches, flea, ticks,…). Due to the low toxicity of the product in can even be applied in kitchen, storage rooms, hospitals, stables,…

Which advantage offers the Mosquito and Ticks-Protection spray BITE PROTECT?

The advantage of BITE PROTECT is a reliable protection for about 6hours against mosquitoes, ticks and other blood sucking flying or crawling insects. The highly effective ingredient Icaridin is – oposite to DEET, which is recommended for areas already penetrated by insects which transfers pathogens – applicable for kids older than 2years (completed). The exclusive formulation offers a long lasting protection and apleasant, comfortable „wearing feeling“ as by applying BITE PROITECT to the skin does not automatically creates the feeling to wear a „second“ skin. This experience is also a differentiation to other products on the market using the same active ingredient.