The Brand „BushMan“

BushMan Repellent was founded in tropical Australia in 1990.
The products were developed by an industrial chemist with over 35 years’ experience, who had set out to produce the very best repellent available.

Since its creation BushMan Repellent has grown, mostly through word-of-mouth recommendations, to be Australia’s No.1 selling premium insect repellent! As it was so effective, word spread fast and BushMan grew through fishing, to general outdoor use to the mainstream and is now almost a household name in its native Australia. BushMan Repellent pioneered the premium repellent category and stands alone as the most effective repellent.So Bushman’s success is based on its effectiveness, despite the price premium over some rivals Bushman has very high customer retention rate… because it works so well!

Functional principle

BushMan uses DEET. An ingredient which has been tested and applied billion times and which is the best basic material for our BushMan products.


Due to own technologies (Time Release Technology) and systems BushMan molded the product towards more efficiency. BushMan offers up to 10 hours reliable protection, a pleasant odor, water- sweat- and abrasion proof, temperature stability and a convenient feeling, because it is not oily or greasy. BushMan can be easily carried in airplane luggage and is absolutely family friendly due to easy application.

Why Bushman?

The Best! From the Outback to your back yard!

  • BushMan is proven to be 100% effective hours longer than any other personal insect repellent!
  • DEET remains the best and safest repellent active           
  • BushMan has unique time release technology, is very water/sweat/rub resistant but still allows the skin to breathe
  • BushMan’s unique formulations control the release of DEET meaning it lasts longer
  • BushMan is waterproof and sweat-proof – very important in warm climates
  • BushMan has four protection ranges
  • from 7 to 15 hours
  • BushMan was developed in the tropics and tested in swamps to ensure it is the best in the harshest of conditions
  • With over 35 years’ experience in repellents we
  • know what works best and we use only the best and most effective ingredients!
  • BushMan has a range for everyone’s needs
  • BushMan was created, developed and is made in Australia

Frequently asked questions

Here you find a summary of the major questions and answers about the products from BushMan.

How often do I need to cover my skin with BushMan?

One application offers protection for 8-10 hours. The protection is water-, sweat- and abrasion-proof.

What do I need to follow when spray or cream on?

Mosquitoes are able to locate unprotected parts of your skin in size of a 50 Euro-Cent coin. Its recommended to cover all unprotected skin. For application in face first spray or cream in your palm and afterwards in your face. Be careful with mucous membranes in your eyes, mouth and nose.

Can I jump into water for cooling or swimming carrying BushMan on my skin?

The protection is water-, sweat- and abrasion-proof. One stay in water has no negative impact on the protection. After more stopovers in water we recommend to refresh the protection by spray or cream again.

Can I place the product on eg furniture to set-up a protection zone?

Due to the small amount of alcohol in the products (which immediately vaporizes after application) we recommend to avoid contact with plastics or furniture. It’s not possible to build up a protection zone with Bushman. For this purpose we recommend the products from ThermaCELL or RapidAction.

What means Time Release Technology?

The basic ingredient DEET is covered in microscopic particles by a exclusiv process, which releases the ingredient slowly and evenly. Due to this technology we offer reliable protection for 8-10 hours using just 40% DEET.

Are DEET-products with a higher DEET-concentration better than 40% share?

A higher DEET rate does not automatically means a higher protection. Only the protection timeframe gets longer. Our products with 40% DEET offer protection for 8-10 hours and comply with the maximum allowed DEET rate in Europe (max. 50%).

Is'nt DEET normaly malodorous?

DEET as basic ingredient is very malodorous. Due to the adaption of our formulation BushMan gets very odoriferous.

Can I protect infants with BushMan?

BushMan can cause irritations when put onto mucous membranes. As soon as infants can follow the recommendation to not touch into the face with covered hands/arms, BushMan can be applied without hesitation.

Is BushMan useable as active health protection in tropical areas with high rate of disease transfer through bitintg insects?

BushMan is highly recommended by many travel information platforms as active health protection for journeys into areas with high infection rate due to biting insects. BushMan offers protection against mosquitoes, flyes, horse flyes, etc as well as agasinst crawling insects like eg ticks. BushMan acts also against bloodsuckers. The package size is optimised to carry the product on an airplane without problems.

How long lasts one spray can (90ml) or one tube (75g)?

Taking into account covering 50% of the skin one can or tube lasts minimum for 10 applications. The spray is more economical in application and lasts even longer.